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    English Language Arts & Social Studies

    Classroom 305


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    Quote of the week: 
     This is it!!!

    Announcements for the Week 


     Google Meets for ALL @10

    • to explain graduation, upcoming work, and Southern 


    • Graduation to be posted in Google Classroom

     Rest of Week!

    Individual Meetings to close out the year! 

    Will be posted in Google Classrom by number 

    6E- will be on Tuesday 

    6F- will be on Wednesday 


    Work to Complete

    Due By

    Maniac Magee Ch.36-46

    (posted daily)

    Posted daily (Due Friday)

     Create Memes making fun of Mr. Williams... I will share some with you on the Meets today! This is a fun way to end the year. 

     Due Wednesday

     Complete any unfisnihed work  


    To My Students: An Open Letter of my thoughts!

    Dear ALL,

    I miss you, and my LOVE for you will always be!

    "I made a promise to the universe...and it ain't fair...

    "Life ain't fair... but you gotta keep on steppin'...

    305 became a home, "like. Family"...

    A place where... "words matter," 

    A home where... "the sky is Purple on Thursdays"

    and PINK is a thing on Wednesdays!

    Where we sing Good Morning, and Alriiight

    Where we always dig a little deeper

    And questions of, "why is she white?" always makes us giggle

    And awkward moments of... "That's what she..." 

    and the rest of it; is a head shake, and a smile or two

    The doors of 305 are closed for now, but these memories 

    are the movies in our heads! 

    A place where we will always be able to escape and know that...




    Mr. Williams 


    *and everybody sings... LET MY PEOPLE GO, LET ME PEOPLE GO!*



    my loves
    "Keep your dreams in front of you, so you never leave them behind."