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    Name:  Señora Danielle Scirrotto

    Phone: (609)-978-5700 Ext. 1424

    Email: dscirrotto@staffordschools.org

    I am very excited to share my passion for the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture with our first and second grade students!  

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    Why is it important to learn a second language?
    • Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by 38.3 million people aged five or older in the US. (2012 American Community Survey)
    • Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world with more than 350 million speakers worldwide.
    • Learning Spanish will make it easier to learn other languages.
    •  Learning Spanish will help students appreciate another culture including traditions, food, music, literature, art and much more!
    • Travel opportunities!  There are twenty one official Spanish speaking countries in our world. 
    • Career opportunities!  Speaking a second language is becoming a business necessity!


    Read more about the benefits of learning Spanish by clicking here.

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