Happy summer!

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    Jump into Summer Reading! 

    Read 30 minutes a day- choose a book that you will enjoy! Try to find an author who writes a series of books and get hooked on them!
    Fourth grade readers really get hooked on reading. This is when silent reading takes off and readers will sit and read for long periods of time, reluctant to stop because they want to find out what happens next. Good readers binge on junky series books (e.g., Goosebumps, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Matt Christopher’s sports fiction). This should be encouraged because it builds fluency, silent reading speed, endurance, and the habit of reading. Literary taste will come with experience. Fourth grade level readers demonstrate their proficiency in both fiction and nonfiction, but otherwise let them indulge their passions. The levels that follow require students to broaden their reading into new genres. Take advantage of all the junky fiction and have students master the narrative form: characters, settings, dialogue, point of view, theme, etc., in both reading and writing.

    In fourth grade text, the vocabulary demands are increasing, with 3–5 words on a typical chapter book page not familiar from everyday speech. Be sure readers can define those words either from past reading experience or through the use of context clues. Fourth grade readers should finish a chapter book, or its equivalent, each week.

    Clink on the link to find an example of a fourth grade reader skill card- Practice these skills during the summer to stay sharp!


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