• Thursday, April 2, 2020 Assignments are as follows:

    1. ReadWorks -How Not to Save a Sand Castle...NOTE: Refer back to the article to help answer the questions!
    2. A math assignment on google classroom
    3. A writing assignment on google classroom - Read all the directions carefully.
    4. iknowit.com assignment - Subtraction Practice
    5. When ALL work is complete go play outside!


    Please complete TWO (2) articles on Achieve3000. **YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO 2 ARTICLES FOR THE WHOLE WEEK. You may do this at any point throughout the week as long as they two are complete by Friday. You ONLY have to complete the reading and activity. You DO NOT need to complete the thought question. Please take your time, read the article 2 times, and do your best to score 75% or higher on the FIRST time. You may choose which articles you would like to complete. 

    **Mrs. Malmstrom's google classroom code is fgiebm7 if you are interested in making a card about acts of kindness for David's Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation please visit her google classroom for more information. Or just make your card and mail it to the address below: 

    364 North Main Street
    Suite 10D
    Manahawkin, NJ 08050