Summer is all about having fun but staying healthy and active .  Some of the best summertime activities for staying healthy are also some of the most fun!!  Swimming is one of my favorite things to do all summer!!  Try to swim this summer, whether wou know the backstoke, doggie paddle or freestyle, or even if you just like to float, GET IN THE WATER!! Is good for all of your muscles, your bones and it's FUN!!!!

    Running or walking is another great summertime activity.  It helps keep your heart strong and your mind clear.  Remember to drink lot's of fluids like water to stay hydrated.  Walking or running is always a lot more fun with a friend.  Invite a friend, your parents or even your siblings out for a summertime walk. 

    The best summertime thing you can do is to just PLAY!!  Have fun, try a new sport, ride a bike or maybe even a skateboard or scooter, make up a new backyard game.  Play tag, manhunt, dig in the dirt for worms(make sure you wear dirty clothes!), chase butterflyies.  Just have FUN!!














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