Mrs. (Vurgason) Sheppard - Social Studies, Science, and Health
    609-978-5700 ext. 1132
    We are going virtual beginning Monday, March 16th.  
    I will be available for any assistance  needed with instruction and/or clarification of assignments via email (address below). All of my assignments will be posted on classroomgoogle.com for social studies and science.  Complete your math and ELA first.  
    Please don't worry.  We all understand that there may be glitches and difficulties.  We just ask that you try your best and reach out to us as needed and we will get back to you when we can .  


    March 2020

    Our Team:

     Mrs. Sheppard- Science, Social Studies, and Health

    Ms. Smith-POR Math and ELA, ICS SS and Science

    Ms. Knabner -ELA - 6L 
    Mrs. Martin - Math - 6M

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     Websites of interest
    • See your child's ongoing and completed assignments through classroom.google.com  
    • sheppardsoftware.com - boost social studies grades with extra credit in world geography, science, and chemistry
    • gimkit - review games tests in science and social studies