Mrs. (Vurgason) Sheppard - Social Studies, Science, and Health
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    Welcome Class of 2020!
    We can't wait to meet you all. 
    Open House September 3rd - 1:15-2:15
    If you have ANY questions before then, please don't hesitiate to email me.
    Our Team:

     Mrs. Sheppard- Science, Social Studies, and Health

    Ms. Smith-POR Math and ELA, ICS SS and Science

    Ms. Knabner -ELA - 6L 
    Mrs. Martin - Math - 6M

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     Websites of interest
    • See your child's ongoing and completed assignments through classroom.google.com  
    • sheppardsoftware.com - boost social studies grades with extra credit in world geography, science, and chemistry
    • gimkit - review games tests in science and social studies
    • more to come!