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Teacher Requests

Notice about Teacher Requests  

Please be advised that the Stafford Township Board of Education Regulation #5410 states that "assignment of a teacher to each class group shall be the sole responsibility of the Building Principal."

Parent/Guardian input is always welcome. The Stafford Township School District makes every effort to balance our classes in terms of ability, gender, number of students in a class, and many other criteria - which often makes it difficult to honor parent/guardian requests. If you have specific concerns about the placement of your child, or have specific information that will help us make an appropriate placement for your child, please feel free to send that information to the building principal. If you wish to have one teacher removed from consideration, such wishes will usually be honored, provided that appropriate reasons/justification/rationale are well documented and included with the correspondence. 
All pertinent information must be submitted to the building principal by April 15th. Any information received after that date will not be considered.  
Thank you for your cooperation.