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School Choice

Stafford Township School District Public School Choice Program


 Please Note: Participation of new students in the 2024-25 school year will depend upon the availability of funding and whether the program is reauthorized by the New Jersey State Legislature.

 Students from other public schools are welcome to apply to attend Stafford Township Schools for grades K through 6 for the 2024-25 school year.

The regulations governing the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program have been established by the State. The steps that must be taken and the documents that must be submitted in order for a student to participate in the school choice program are listed below.  For more information, here is a link to the NJDOE's Student Application Process for Parents and Students:

Click here for: Student Application Timeline- English

Click here for:  Student Application Timeline- Spanish

The District currently has 4 openings for the 2023-2024 school year. This is for all grade levels.  If more than 4 applications are received, it will be necessary for the district to hold a lottery for these 4 openings.  Preference is given to students applying who already have siblings enrolled in the choice program.

 NOTEWhen making your decision, please be aware that transportation may not be provided for your student. Depending on the circumstances, the resident district may provide aid in lieu of transportation. (Visit the NJ Department of Education’s School Choice Transportation Procedures for more information.)  SEE INFORMATION BELOW ON TRANSPORTATION


 All Students (Tier 1 and Tier 2):  Click on the Form Name for the actual paperwork.

Parent/Guardian completes the below application:

Student Application Stafford STSD 24-25.doc

Student Application Stafford STSD Spanish 24-25.doc

and gives to Stafford Township School by December 1, 2023

If your student is currently registered with his/her resident district, complete the Notice Of Intent Form 24-25.doc and submit it to your resident district by December 1, 2023 and obtain a signed receipt acknowledging that you submitted the form.  Keep the receipt for your records. By law, a resident district must be informed if a student intends to participate in the school choice program.

 After applications are received and Confirmation of Enrollment is completed for verification of Tier 1, the lottery will be held (if necessary).

 Notice of Conditional Acceptance, Rejection, or Wait Listing to the Parent/Guardian by December 21, 2023

 Parent completes the Student's Notice of Intent to Enroll in the Choice District.  The Choice District will send a copy of this form to the Resident District.

**If a tier 2 student, parent must enroll in resident district by January 12, 2024


 Tier 1 students are students who are enrolled in a NJ public school in their resident school district during the time of application and for the entire year (2023-24) immediately preceding enrollment in a choice district. If a student moved during the school year and attended the resident public school of his/her old district of residence, he/she is also considered Tier 1. Choice districts must first fill their available seats with Tier 1 students. If the number of Tier 1 applications exceeds the number of choice seats available, the choice district must hold a lottery to randomly select students. Charter school students are considered to be Tier 1. To qualify as Tier 1 for kindergarten, a student must be attending a state-funded preschool in his or her resident district or a student resides in a district that does not offer a state-funded preschool program or a student has a sibling currently attending the choice district. Most students applying for kindergarten are in Tier 1.

Tier 2 students include NJ residents who have not attended their resident public school for the entire year immediately prior to enrollment in the desired choice district and do not otherwise meet the requirements for Tier 1. This would include students who have been attending public school outside their districts of residence or private school. Choice districts are not obligated to accept Tier 2 students. If a choice district accepts Tier 2 applicants, they may do so only after all of the qualified Tier 1 applicants have been accepted. If the number of Tier 2 applications exceeds the number of choice seats available, the choice district must hold a Tier 2 lottery to select students.

 Important: Make copies of all forms for your records before submitting them. Obtain signed and dated receipts for all forms you submit, either by sending the forms via certified mail, return receipt requested; or delivering the forms and obtaining a signed and dated receipt in person.


Forms can be sent to:
Mr. William Wilkinson, Director
Stafford Township School District

250 N. Main Street
Manahawkin NJ 08050

Phone: (609) 978-5700 x 1270




Transportation Note to Parents

Transportation of choice students is not guaranteed. If a student is eligible for transportation (within 20 miles of the school) and the cost will exceed the maximum amount designated in the Annual Appropriations Act, the parent/guardian will be given aid in lieu of transportation and, in some cases, the option of receiving the transportation and paying the additional amount over the maximum. By Aug. 1, 2024, parents should receive notification of their transportation options from the resident district. For more information, read the Transportation Procedures for choice students.